Over-breathing Increases Allergic Reactions
Histamine levels increase during prolonged over-breathing. Histamine is a substance secreted by mast cells during exposure to an allergen. This substance creates swelling (edema), local inflammation and constriction of the smaller airways (bronchiole). This is especially relevant to people with hay fever (rhinitis) and asthma.

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 Asthma is on the increase all over the world. In Canada, it is the third most common chronic disease. Those most affected by Asthma are children. Asthma continues to be a major cause of hospitalization for children and Adults.

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Mouth Breathing

Chronic mouth breathing has long been seen as a concern by dentists, hygienists, orofacial myologists, speech/ language pathologists, and orthodontists.

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Snoring /Sleep Apnea

Having good sleep habits will help you cycle through all stages of sleep and wake refreshed.

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Breathing increases as a result of our modern living style. Factors such as strong emotions, time urgency, tension, anger, stress, anxiety, overeating, processed foods, a belief that taking big breaths is good, lack of exercise, excessive talking, and high temperatures within the home all contribute to overbreathing.

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